Overcome That Overwhelm!

5 Tips for the Small Business Owner or Entrepreneurs to Never Work Nights & Weekends Again!

Yep, you know you SHOULD make time for your family and self but you're just so overwhelmed...

  • Your To Do List overwhelms you.
  • You can't decide what to do first or next.
  • You lose track of time.
  • You can't stand the clutter anymore.

I Get it!  That's why I've created this handy guide to give you some quick tips on how to never work nights & weekends again!

5 Ways to Never Work Nights & Weekends Again!

I'm excited to share with small business owners and entrepreneurs some of my tips to get some of your time back!

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Hi!  I'm Lori Keefer!

I love to help small business owners and entrepreneurs overcome the overwhelm and clutter in their business life so that they can have more time for their personal life!

After growing a successful photography business and then going on to teach fellow photographers how to become profitable in their own businesses, I discovered that what most fellow small business owners needed was learning how to stop being OVERWHELMED!  


Whether it's figuring out a better way to manage your To Do lists or simply where to START, my Profitable Procrastination™ method can help!


I use strategies to help YOU create a system that works for YOU.  I will teach you how to stop being a technician and start being the BOSS in your business.  My strategies will help you multiply your time so that you can become more profitable.


These are strategies I have developed over time working as a Management Assistant to a Director of a Joint Military Training Academy AND in helping several family members with ADHD get things done.  


I help small business owners and entrepreneurs get rid of the clutter on their desk and in their mind, conquer the overwhelm and get back time that they can use to do the fun stuff!

Lori Keefer Productivity Coach